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Damp Proofing:


At Surebuild we offer a top quality service for all your Damp-Proofing and Timber Preservation needs. Our technicians have the expertise to protect homes and businesses from rot, damp and pest problems.

Flaking plaster, spongy soft feel to wall, white powder or crystals appearing on wall, lifting and stained wallpaper, skirting and floor boards rotting. These are all symptoms that your property is in need of some TLC, so if your property is suffering from any of these symptoms, then it is likely that you have a rising damp issue.

Rising damp can arise for various reasons, the failure of an existing damp proof course (DPC) Bridging due to the raising of external or internal ground levels or in older buildings the complete absence of a damp proof course.

Following the installation of a remedial damp-proof course (using Dryzone damp-proofing cream or Dampcheck Plus) correct re-plastering is of the utmost importance. Even though the damp-proof course is effective, hygroscopic salts introduced by the rising damp may cause moisture to be attracted to the wall. This causes further dampness and decorative spoiling, giving the impression that the damp-proof course has not been successful. It is for this reason that re-plastering following the installation of a remedial damp-proof course must perform two functions:


* It must prevent the passage of residual moisture reaching the decorative surface during the drying process.

* It must prevent the passage of hygroscopic salts from the underlying masonry to the new decorative surface in order to prevent further spoiling.


Structural timbers in UK properties are particularly susceptible to insect and fungal attacks, due to the combination of a predominantly damp, temperate climate and the traditional building methods used in construction. Various types of wet rots, dry rot and woodworm can individually or collectively cause untold damage to the structural timbers in buildings, resulting in costly remedial repairs.


Our surveyors are qualified to diagnose not only the type and extent of infestation and decay but also to provide a cost effective long-term solution to the problem.


We can help with:


•Rising Damp

•Penetrating damp.

•DPC Injections

•Dry/Wet Rot Control

•Woodworm Control

•Specialist Re-Plastering

•Basement Waterproofing


We provide survey reports to potential House Buyers to assist and advise you in your decision making process.


A hand held meter is used to assess damp in timber and walls. They are non-destructive, clean and accurate. On walls, a “Picture” of dampness will be built up by taking a number of readings and this profile, in addition to a survey of the external structure of the property will lead to an accurate evaluation.


All enquiries are dealt with by Simon who will help you in identifying your problem over the telephone. He will then arrange a visit to assess the property and create your quotation and a survey report.




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